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Destinations - Egypt - Forward Luggage

The Elite Travel Collection is proud to present our partner, Luggage Forward, the premier door-to-door luggage delivery service to more than 200 countries.

Whether shipping golf clubs or excess baggage, your bags are guaranteed to arrive safely and on time. Luggage shipping provides total travel convenience and can accommodate same day bookings and shipping baggage of any size.

Why forward your luggage?

It's the most luxurious way to travel.

By forwarding your luggage, you simply bring your luggage or sports equipment to your front door, where it is picked up by a Luggage Forward agent. You no longer have to haul heavy suitcases or cumbersome sports equipment to and from the airport.

Bypass long check-in lines

Now you can eliminate the most frustrating part of air travel - waiting in long check-in lines. Traveling without your luggage will allow you to go directly to your departure gate, saving you time.

Don't pay excess baggage fees

Recently, many airlines have reduced the weight limit of checked luggage and are strictly enforcing the number of bags each passenger is allowed to check. The resulting fees can add hundreds of dollars to your original ticket price.

Eliminate the possibility of losing your luggage

Whereas airlines specialize in transporting people, Luggage Forward specializes in transporting luggage. We back our reliability with the most comprehensive guarantee in the luggage forwarding industry.

Skip the wait at baggage claim

No waiting in long lines at baggage claim gets you to your destination sooner so you can begin your vacation from the moment you arrive!

Have your luggage waiting for you at your destination

Luggage Forward will let you know when your luggage is delivered so you can travel with the peace of mind knowing that it will be waiting for you when you arrive.

How does it work?

Your forwarding requirements are processed by Luggage Forward. You have the option to choose the class of service, pick up times and custom insurance amounts for each item. Based on your selections, a total shipment price will be given before you confirm your shipment.

Shipments may be booked as many as 180 days or as few as one business day prior to your required delivery date. Luggage Express offers a range of express services both domestically and internationally.

Call Luggage Forward at 866.416.7447 or visit luggageforward.com for more information.

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